Thank you!
The work produced in this Project was possible thanks to the efforts and professionalism of an incredible group of twenty two students (eleven from MIT and eleven from UTB) accompanied and lead by eight professors (Edgar Blanco, Martha Bonilla, Ralph Gakenheimer and Alejandro Guarin from MIT, and Jorge Alvis, Luis Ignacio Morales, Rodolfo Matos and Mauricio Rodriguez from UTB) and the supported by Alexa Mills in media collection.

This work would not have been possible either without the economic support of the two participating universities. In particular, we would like to highlight the support of UTB President Patricia Martinez; the leadership of UTB Professor Jorge Alvis; the support of Amy Glasmaier, director of MITís Urban Planning department; Dayna Cunningham, MIT CoLab Director; Rebecca Buell, director of the MIT Green Hub; the leadership of MIT Lecturer Martha Bonilla; and the support of Professor Edgar Blanco, and Isabel Agudelo from the MIT Center for Latin American Logistics Innovation (CLI). A special thank you also goes to the MIT/Harvard Colombian Alumni Association and Muelles del Bosque for their economic support.

Similarly we would like to thank Cartagenaís Major Judith Pinedo and her functionaries of the Bazurto Macro Project, Oscar Brieva, Veronica Trujillo, and Amaury Lora, for their time and hospitality. Special thanks to Transcaribe and Enrique Chartuni for his time.

Finally, we would like to express special gratitude to the Mom-and-Pop Store Associations, Bazurto wholesalers and retailers, and households who invested part of their time to share their ideas with us in the workshops, interviews and visits.>br>
Many thanks to the city of Cartagena for its hospitality and warmth.

Photograph: Lina Garcia

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